Today was the first day of Guerrilla Collective 2, a digital game festival filled with a wide variety of indie games from around the world, including a few that cosmic horror fans will want to keep an eye on.

First up, there was a new trailer for Source of Madness, the 2D action roguelike set in a Lovecraft-inspired world, which was announced during last year’s Guerrilla Collective stream. The latest trailer gives a good indication of the game’s atmosphere, as well another look at the gameplay.

Next, we have Elderand, a Lovecraftian action RPG with skill-based combat and inspiration drawn from the Castlevania series.

Finally, we got a new trailer for Lamentum, the pixel art survival horror game we first discussed during its Kickstarter campaign two years ago. The new trailer shows a wide variety of the game’s environments and gameplay, as well as a Fall 2021 release window.

That’s it for the cosmic horror games shown at Guerrilla Collective 2 Day 1. A second live stream will follow on June 12. We’re also heading into E3, so who knows what announcements the weeks ahead might bring?