The fifth entry in the Hunter’s Journals interactive fiction series, Tattered Sails, is set to be released this Halloween!

Tattered Sails, previously teased as the most Lovecraftian game yet in the series, is a slow-burn horror story that sends the player on a dangerous mission to a cursed archaeological dig site:

“A horror lurks beneath the earth. Terror rises from the past. A treasure hunter asks you to watch over his seemingly cursed archaeological dig. What nightmares lie beneath the softly whispering grasses of Dry River, and will YOU be able to hurl them back from whence they came?”

Artist Muthur Brine has returned once again, and two pieces of Tattered Sails art, including one being revealed for the first time, hint at the dark secrets that await us.

The Heirloom system introduced in Red Ripper returns once again, and Tattered Sails also features a new Trait system.

Traits are always active and provide both positive and negative effects. For example, if you choose the Veteran Trait, you will start with 2 less maximum stamina but ignore fixed Skill penalties in combat. Mixing and matching Heirlooms and Traits adds an additional level of customization to how you approach the game.

According to the developer, Tattered Sails will be more in line with the earlier titles when it comes to difficulty, rather than the greater difficulty of Red Ripper.

As mentioned earlier, The Hunter’s Journals – Tattered Sails is set for a Halloween 2021 release.