The fourth entry in the Hunter’s Journals interactive fiction series is set to be released this Halloween for PC and Android devices.

The Hunter’s Journals – Red Ripper follows a diplomatic mission sent to the Sunlight Alliance, the birthplace of the Vile Philosophy. A killer known as the Red Ripper is plaguing the city, and you’ll need to take out this creature in order to show the theocratic government the benefits of having Hunters to handle monsters.

According to the developer:

“This is the hardest challenge presented in the series so far. The player is alone, without their usual support base, in a land where the status quo is literally venerated as holy writ. Deadly traps, both literal and cultural, make the hunt hard enough, and the Ripper itself is as close to a Lovecraftian horror as the series has seen since Pale Harbour.”

Being alone and isolated should make the adventure quite challenging, and it’s good to hear that the heavier Lovecraftian themes are returning.

Illustrations from Red Ripper give us an idea of what we can expect.

Red Ripper will feature a full set of such art drawn by Muthur Brine, a soundtrack from Cryo Chamber, and voice recording handled by Anthony “The Storyteller” Wilson.

The developer has also partnered with Shark Robot to release high-quality prints of the Hunter’s Journals artwork. So far, the cover art from Pale Harbour, Vile Philosophy, and Blissful Ignorance are available as prints, with more to be added if there is demand.

Red Ripper’s cover art will be added on Halloween to accompany the game’s launch.

Finally, the fifth game in the series, The Hunter’s Journals – Tattered Sails, has been teased as having the strongest Lovecraftian influences yet, so we’ll be looking forward to that as well.

The Hunter’s Journals – Red Ripper will be released for PC and Android this Halloween. In the meantime, you can read our reviews of Pale Harbour, Vile Philosophy, and Blissful Ignorance.