Game: Peridium
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Genre: point-and-click adventure game
Style: light Lovecraft influences
Verdict: Recommended
Download: | GameJolt

Peridium is a free / name-your-own-price game originally made for a game jam. It is a point-and-click adventure game that takes place in a single room, a lab at an Antarctic research base where research into an ancient organism found in the ice has gone very wrong.

From the beginning, the premise and presentation call to mind The Thing, but as it goes on, there are some definite cosmic horror undertones that creep in as well.

It’s a short game, taking only 30 minutes or so to complete, so I won’t say too much about the story. What I will say is that it makes fantastic use of its time to build up a genuine sense of dread and unease. The voice acting also adds to the atmosphere, as the protagonist narrates everything that occurs.

A choice near the end leads to two possible endings, but since it’s such a short game, it’s easy to replay to get the second one. Both endings are disturbing, and together they leave an intriguing sense of ambiguity. Overall, I’d definitely recommend giving this short game a look.

Download: | GameJolt