The fourth game in the Skautfold series has been announced. Skautfold: Moonless Knight is a duel-focused action RPG with Metroidvania-style exploration elements.

The series began with the “Souls-like” game Shrouded in Sanity, which was then followed by the Metroidvania action RPG Usurper and the action game Into the Fray.

Moonless Knight’s official description says the Skautfold series is “heading to its conclusion,” but it’s unclear if that means this is the final game or if it’s setting up for the finale. Either way, it is intended to be the culmination of the developer’s experience from the previous games.

You will play as a knight exploring an alternate history Japan threatened by an “Eldritch Moon god.”

Skautfold: Moonless Knight is planned to release for the PC on July 31.