Last year, we took a look at The Hunter’s Journals – Wight Chapel Dreams, the first part of a two-part interactive fiction story.

Now that story will conclude this Halloween with the upcoming release of The Hunter’s Journals – Return to Wight Chapel.

No longer set back when you were a novice, this new adventure will see you hunting down the remaining horrors left behind in Wight Chapel. As with its predecessor, this one will have light Lovecraftian influences rather than making it a major focus.

If you’ve never played a game from the Hunter’s Journals series, they are interactive fiction games in which your choices lead to branching paths and various consequences, while dice-based combat determines the outcome of your encounters with deadly monsters.

Like in the past few entries, you’ll also be able to set Heirlooms and Traits to add a degree of customization to your character. Return to Wight Chapel also features a new time of day mechanic that will cause even when you do things to have an effect, so that sounds like it could have quite a step up in complexity.

Meanwhile, an art page from Return to Wight Chapel being revealed here for the first time gives us a glimpse of some of the horrors we can expect.

Return to Wight Chapel will be the final entry in the series to feature voice acting, and it has an expanded cast to give voice acting a proper send-off!

The Hunter’s Journals – Return to Wight Chapel will be out on October 31.