The developer of the Hunter’s Journals interactive fiction series has revealed a new gameplay system that will be included in the games from now on, starting with The Hunter’s Journals – Red Ripper.

Known as the Heirloom system, this new system will let the player take an item with them on their journey. It will take up an inventory space, but will give the player certain advantages and disadvantages depending on the heirloom chosen.

The possible Heirlooms are:

  • Nothing (to avoid giving up that inventory slot)
  • Brutal Hunter Set – deal an extra point of damage in combat but don’t automatically win tied rounds
  • Precise Hunter Set – +1 added to dice rolls but don’t automatically win tied rounds
  • Witch-Silver Weapons – enemies can’t regenerate or avoid/reduce damage, but you don’t regain Skill while sleeping
  • Heraldic Breastplate – 50% chance to reduce damage taken, but a point is subtracted from your dice rolls
  • Toughened Leathers – automatic damage won’t affect you, but a point is subtracted from your dice rolls
  • Light Armor – enemies subtract 1 point from dice rolls but also deal an extra point of damage
  • Punch Dagger – deal an extra 4 points of damage after a tied round
  • Beloved Locket – regain 1 extra Skill point and 2 extra Stamina while sleeping
  • Lucky Pocketwatch – saves you from death one time in combat

It definitely sounds like an interesting system, and I look forward to seeing it in Red Ripper. Personally, I’ve got my eye on that Punch Dagger, because getting even more of an advantage from tied rounds could be quite useful.

The next game after Red Ripper, Tattered Sails, will feature both the Heirloom system and the Trait system for even more customization.

The Hunter’s Journals – Red Ripper is due out this Halloween.