This Halloween, the Hunter’s Journals interactive fiction series will return once more with its sixth entry, Wight Chapel Dreams.

While the previous entry drew upon heavy Lovecraftian inspirations, the developer has said Wight Chapel Dreams will have more of a steampunk and Gothic horror feel.

The series has always mentioned the Wight Chapel incident as part of the player’s backstory, and now you will revisit those memories in this game to finally see and play through your confrontation with the Crawling Horror.

Another difference this time around is that Wight Chapel Dreams is the first game in a two-part story. The seventh entry in the series will be a direct sequel that concludes the story started here. According to the Steam page, the Heirloom and Trait systems return along with an overhauled combat system.

You can get an early taste of what awaits you in this entry by checking out the Wight Chapel Dreams artwork that was shared with us, pictured above.

The Hunter’s Journals – Wight Chapel Dreams is set to be released on October 31, 2022.